ASeTTS has a proud history of serving humanitarian entrants and refugees settling in WA since 1992. ASeTTS provides services to people who are humanitarian entrants or are from a refugee type background and who have experienced torture or trauma in their country of origin, during their flight to Australia, or while in detention.

ASeTTS Constitution

United Voices (UV)

In 2001 ASeTTS established a client reference group, which was later renamed ‘United Voices (UV)’.

The group was born out of the recognition that ASeTTS needed to listen to the voices of their clients in order to improve and maintain the relevance of its services. UV was modelled on similar groups within the mental health sector. The group can have a maximum 12 members. UV’s input into the life of ASeTTS – its services, policies, strategies and procedures – is central to fulfilling its desired role as a client reference group. UV is represented on the ASeTTS board with full voting rights. UV members get involved with the planning and implementation of various ASeTTS activities.

ASeTTS invests in the learning, development and mentoring of UV members and provides access to opportunities such as ASeTTS training. UV members are also investing their time and energy into ASeTTS.

If you are interested in joining United Voices please contact; Chairperson United Voices: or Community Development coordinator 92272726.

Please see the brochure for more information.