ASeTTS recognises that young people are affected by trauma too. As well as issues arising from exposure to torture and trauma, ASeTTS youth program NAYS (Newly Arrived Youth Service) focuses on assisting and supporting young people and their families to achieve the following objectives and outcomes;


–  Family reconciliation, wherever practicable, between homeless young people, or those at risk of homelessness and their family. Family reconciliation outcomes include;
– The young person returns home.
– Ongoing positive family relationships are created which provide the young person with emotional and physical support.
– Reconciling the young person with other family members, e.g. grandparents or siblings.
– Both parent(s) and the young person accept that independence is appropriate for the young person.
– Establishing a viable support system for the independent young person that includes a member of his/her family.
– Engagement of homeless young people, or those at risk of homelessness, with employment, education, training and the community.
– Provision of assistance to Centrelink, young people and their parents throughout the income support/assessment process.
– Assistance to target communities to build on their existing capacity to develop appropriate responses to their own needs.


The program operates in a culturally and appropriate specific manner through consultation processes with new and emerging community representatives, the use of multicultural consultants, and interpreters. The service retains a high level of flexibility, with a focus on a strength based and solution focused approach, and outreach services.

NAYS (Newly Arrived Youth Service) provides advocacy and counselling for young people. For further information please contact Marcus Roberts on 9227 2700.