Project Connect - Volunteering With ASeTTS


Project Connect is an ASeTTS' service that utilises the skills and knowledge of volunteers to provide support to survivors of torture and trauma and their families.

"Torture is violence that destroys the will, personality and autonomy of its victims. It dehumanises human relationships and makes people powerless, creating a sense of fear and mistrust. It is designed to wear down the resistance of victims by degrading them and by stripping them of their humanity. It destroys the ability to relate to others, as well as values, principles and beliefs." (Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture "Volunteers' Guide", 1993).

As a result, survivors of torture have complex problems that need attention. These problems are compounded when survivors are also exiled in a foreign culture where the language, climate, and lifestyle are different. Exile has cost them their sense of identity in a society with which they are familiar. Left behind are the support networks, including those of family, friends and kinship. Survivors often feel utterly alone as they struggle to overcome the trauma of torture and uprooting.

Project Connect aims to assist survivors of torture and trauma, and their families to establish a new life here in Perth. We need people who have a compassion for others, and a desire to help them to become independent in their new community.

The main thrust of Project Connect is to offer a “community coaching” service to assist our clients. Volunteers in Project Connect can assist survivors of torture and trauma by providing practical assistance with such things as transport and travel training and an introduction to services and activities in their new community; by providing personal support and assistance in building new social supports and developing informal networks; and by providing friendship.
Volunteers in Project Connect will receive full training and ongoing supervision and support whilst in the program.

Current Project Connect volunteers can download a Volunteer Client Contact Record here.