ASeTTS provides a wide range of services for survivors of torture and trauma in Western Australia.

Anyone can be referred to ASeTTS if they are from a refugee-like background, no matter how long they have been in Australia.

It is normal for people to experience difficulties as a result of previous experiences of trauma, torture and persecution.

More than 7 out of 10 people from a refugee-like background will experience challenges resulting from their previous life and migration experience.

You can connect to ASeTTS services

You may benefit from ASeTTS services if:

  • You have faced war-related trauma, torture, or persecution before you came to Australia.
  • You are having problems in your life that relate to refugee trauma and/or your migration experience.
  • You would like someone to assist you in addressing these challenges.


You can help a client or loved-one connect to ASeTTS services

Helping to link someone to ASeTTS services is a meaningful and compassionate way to assist them.

You may know someone or work with a client who:

  • You believe may have faced war-related trauma, torture, or persecution before they came to Australia.
  • You believe they are having problems in their life that relate to refugee trauma and/or their migration experience.
  • You feel that they would like someone to assist them in addressing these problems and/or link them to other supports.


What are the signs and symptoms to look for?

You or someone you know may be experiencing the following:

  • Sleep problems and nightmares
  • Intrusive memory and flashbacks
  • Overwhelming feelings of anger and sadness
  • Feeling nervous and not understanding why
  • Not wanting to be around other people
  • Not wanting to be around reminders of the past
  • Poor appetite
  • A lack of energy
  • Feelings of mistrust


What about children and youth?

You may also be concerned or worried about children and young people if:

  • They have some of the same difficulties described above
  • They are withdrawn, sad, nervous or aggressive
  • In their play, they act out bad experiences they have had
  • They are very distressed when they are separated from their parents


How can ASeTTS help?

ASeTTS can help clients experiencing these challenges in the following ways:

  • Talking with clients about their worries – counselling services for individuals, couples, groups, children and families
  • Providing social network supports through some of our programs or linking them with other services
  • Ensuring that clients have someone to work with them to address their worries
  • Providing training and supervision to other helping professionals

How does ASeTTS work?

  • Services are voluntary, therefore consent for the referral must be provided for any person
  • Our services are free of charge for all clients
  • We keep discussions private and confidential
  • We support client rights
  • We can work with interpreters if needed or requested
  • People have the choice to change an interpreter if they are not comfortable with the interpreter allocated

To refer a client to ASeTTS, please fill in and return the ASeTTS Referral Form  by fax to 9227 2777 or email to