Couples Counselling


ASeTTS offers counselling for couples. The impact of trauma can have long term effects on the ways in which people relate to others in intimate relationships. The following may occur:

When concerns involve a relationship, particularly a committed relationship, sometimes the best approach is for two people to receive counselling together. This can provide an effective opportunity for couples to better understand each other and to learn more effective ways of communicating and nurturing the relationship.

To refer a client to ASeTTS for counselling, please fill in and return the Referral Form.

FRIDAY VILLAGE meets almost every Friday morning from 930 - 1130am. We encourage parents to play with their children by providing a friendly and playful environment as well as play resources. Sometimes the group goes on excursions to relevant services or other play environments (e.g. park for picnics, baby pool, Children's library).

Members of the group are from many different cultural backgrounds and speak varying degrees of English. You do not need to know English to be a part of the this group, but you need to be willing to play!


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