Community development has always been a central part of ASeTTS’ work. Community development is viewed by management and staff as a core component of working holistically with survivors of torture and trauma.

ASeTTS’ work maintains a balance between community development activities and counselling approaches to meet the diverse needs of the individuals, families and communities. ASeTTS acknowledges that trauma impacts not only on the ability of individuals to participate in their community, but collective trauma can impact on the community’s ability to support its members.

ASeTTS recognises that the recovery of individuals and communities are interrelated and strong communities contribute to the healing process of individuals.

ASeTTS believes that community development programs, in partnership with the participating communities, strengthen communities by building social capital, social cohesion and connectedness. This in turn contributes to self-reliance, social inclusion, equality and community ownership.  Furthermore community development programs contribute to building confidence and cultural pride of the communities that may have been damaged by the effects of trauma.

Overall Goal of the Community Development Program:

To strengthen the capacity of communities with shared refugee experiences to support their community members in the trauma recovery process and assist them to connect with the broader Australian community.

Main objectives

To empower existing and emerging community leaders.

To facilitate sustainable community led structures.

To network communities with relevant mainstream services.

To facilitate cultural, sporting and other activities   to strengthen community pride and positive identity.

To encourage intercultural connections.

For all enquiries, please contact ASeTTS’ Community Development Coordinator, Tharanga De Silva on (08) 9227 2726 or at