Why is community development important?

Community development is viewed by ASeTTS as a core component of working holistically with survivors of torture and trauma. We sometimes call this ‘community healing’.

ASeTTS acknowledges that trauma impacts not only on the ability of individuals to participate in their community, but that collective trauma can also impact on the community’s ability to support its members.

ASeTTS believes that community development programs, in partnership with the participating communities, strengthen communities by building social capital, social cohesion and connectedness.

Recent examples of ASeTTS partnerships with new and emerging communities include:

  • Salsaal Afghani Association
  • Syrian/Iraqi communities
  • Burundi community
  • Chin Women
  • Sudanese Madi community and many more.

For all enquiries, please contact ASeTTS’ Community Development Coordinator, on (08) 9227 2700 or at reception@asetts.org.au

What social support programs can clients access?

ASeTTS runs social and community-based groups aimed at breaking social isolation and increasing clients’ participation in broader society. These groups (listed below) meet on a weekly basis throughout most of the year.

  • Multicultural Men’s Group—Men’s group meets every Tuesday, for onsite activities and excursions.
  • Multicultural Women’s’ Group (Friday Village) – Friday Village meets every Friday morning from 9.30 – 11.30am.
  • Primary-school aged groups – ASeTTS works with primary schools to provide therapeutic and learning groups for younger children.
  • High-school aged groups – ASeTTS works with high schools schools to provide therapeutic and learning groups for adolescent children.

Other groups can include group therapy programs, parenting support groups and partnerships with community organisations., including sports teams.