ASeTTS’ Vision is for a more peaceful and just world where human rights are recognised, violations of human rights are challenged, and where there is support for people who have endured torture and trauma, and for their families.

Mission Statement: ASeTTS aspires to provide holistic services that assist refugee survivors of torture and trauma to rebuild their lives.

Aims of ASeTTS: the objectives of ASeTTS as described in our constitution may be summarised as:
To establish, develop and maintain services:
Which respond to the specific cultural and spiritual needs, as well as the gender-related, linguistic and age specific needs of torture and trauma survivors (who are often refugees and may be from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) populations) and their families living in Australia;

  • Which facilitate the ability of torture and trauma survivors to heal themselves;
  • Which promote overall well-being of all torture and trauma survivors in whatever way is appropriate to the individuals concerned;
  • Of a professional standard which are affordable and accessible to all torture and trauma survivors and their families regardless of age, sex, race, religion, political beliefs or lifestyle;
  • Guided by the expressed needs of the service users arising out of the constitution as identified by the service users themselves and developed with input from those service users.

To carry out training, advocacy, and awareness raising and in doing so:

  • Work with other organizations to carry out and encourage research and collect information, based on sound ethical guidelines, about the needs of torture and trauma survivors and their families in the community
  • Educate, train and sensitize service providers and promote public awareness on the needs of and difficulties experienced by torture and trauma survivors and their families;
  • Inform and to reinforce the rights of the service users as members of Australian society;
  • Act as a human and material resource